A mup flying in the skies. f/20/Italy



Finals from the MoonQueen zine for Light Grey Art Lab’s Stacks exhibition!

It’s based off of the year 1992- when Alexander McQueen debuted his first collection and Sailor Moon was released in Japan.  

It’s also on behance up here if you wanna follow me there!  http://bit.ly/1lu8NbF

More of my work is available to view at http://evynfong.com.



It cracks me up when the actors on a show are also the producers because I always picture them casting themselves like

"Who’ll play the main character? Ah yes. Me."



Today Ella came up with a Hatoful Boyfriend/Princess Tutu crossover AU with Ryouta as Ahiru and Hiyoko as Mytho and I just



More Hatoful Boyfriend/Princess Tutu crossover AU shenanigans (can’t stop, won’t stop)

Anghel as Fakir was meant to be, they have the same voice actor and everything

So Nishikikouji has to be Autor. Dr Iwamine is Drosselmeyer, and Miru and Kaku are both Uzura :D


Some sketches Moa just posted. Yuuya being all Hollywood (in Moa’s words), the King making me sad being the King, and Okosan flipping out.

Moa also mentioned that Yuuya’s birthday is this month (on the 25th, to be precise), in case anyone wanted a reminder.